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Summer Hair & Skin Care 101

A person displaying the back of their head, showcasing long, wavy, blonde highlighted hair styled at Breeze Salon.

Sunny days are quickly approaching … and that means it’s time to give your beauty routine a makeover. Having a summer full of great hair days is at the very top of our beauty checklist—and we have a plan to keep your beach vacays and weekend trips beautiful & damage-free.


PCA Peels Deliver Results

A woman relaxing with a facial mask applied to her face, eyes closed, at a spa offering comprehensive spa services.

Facing your own face isn’t always easy. The mirror reveals all sorts of flaws you’d rather not see—wrinkles, acne, discoloration. Regular facials help keep your skin fresh and flaw-free, but sometimes you need a little extra help. The PCA Peel Difference For noticeable, long-lasting results, the Breeze Salon & Day Spa esthetics team offers PCA… Read more »


Enhance Your Style With Extensions

Did you know we offer three types of extensions at Breeze Salon & Spa, the best salons in Austin, TX? With our tape-in, hand-tied, and lash extensions, we can fulfill all your needs in the time and budget that works for you. Here’s a closer look at the brands we work with: VoMor Tape-In Extensions… Read more »


On Our Team, Life’s A Breeze

Are you ready to level up your career in the beauty industry? At Breeze Salon & Spa, the best salons in Austin, TX, we are looking for talented and passionate individuals to join our team. With ample opportunities to advance your craft such as ongoing education and mentorship, nothing can stand in your way. Education… Read more »


Give Mom the Gift of Luxury Services

Mother’s Day is just around the corner—are you ready? Book brunch at mom’s favorite restaurant, order a bouquet of tulips and stop by one of the three Breeze Salon and Spa locations in Austin, TX, to buy her the gift of luxurious pampering. And guess what? We’ve got a little something for you, too. Through… Read more »


This Product Changes The Hair Game

Aveda hair care products displayed on a beige fabric with jewelry accessories nearby, ideal for settings like Breeze Salon.

  Hold the shears, please! Have you checked out Aveda’s products recently? As self-proclaimed product enthusiasts, we’ve discovered Aveda’s collections always set you up for success—in terms of hair health, that is! Here at Breeze Salon, the best salons in metro Austin, TX, we firmly believe products are absolutely our hair’s best friend. That’s why… Read more »