Beauty On Demand

Breeze anywhere

Introducing our Beauty on Demand time-saving add on services. Now you can enjoy spa services for $35 or less.

Beauty on Demand

Groom Hands $32 /10 min
Treat your hands with invigorating hot towels, moisturizing cuticle care, and a stress-relieving hand massage.
Groom Feet$32/15 min
Rejuvenate and hydrate with invigorating aromas for your hardworking feet. Enjoy a warm foot bath followed by a moisturizing of the cuticle and a light foot massage
Groom Face$27/15 min
A men's mini facial made for the professional man on-the-go. Beginning with a cleanse and light exfoliant, followed by a toner and moisturizer.
Renew$17/10 min
Relieve sinus pressure and head tension with a light sinus massage using eucalyptus or peppermint essential oils.
Relief$17/10 min
Leave your stress behind. Starting with your feet wrapped in aromatherapy hot towels, followed by a stress-relieving foot massage with hydration rich in lavender aroma.
Balance$22/10 min
Unwind with a healing 10min-chair massage. Choose your aroma for energized and uplifted or relaxed and calm.
Glow Hands$42 /15 min
Brightening hand treatment using pure plant extracts to minimize sunspots, aging, and provide extreme hydration.
Soothing Arm and Hand$27/15 min
Revitalize and energize your arms and hands. An exfoliating treatment along with aromatherapy hot towels and rich hydrating creme gives your arms and hands a healthy glow.
Glow Firm or Bright$45 /15 min
A mini brightening facial to minimize pigmentation or a mini firming facial to tighten and restore a glow. Choose both charge is $45.