Be Safe, Save Face: Bye-Bye Maskne!  

A young woman applying a facial mask, focusing on her forehead, with short curly hair and wearing a gray top, in a Texas salon.

Now that face masks have become part of our lives, it’s important to learn how to live with this new accessory! One way is to understand what causes (and prevents) “maskne,” the breakouts that can occur after wearing masks for an extended period of time.

Our Breeze Salon teams are in masks all day, every day, at our Round Rock, Cedar Park and Georgetown, TX locations to keep everybody safe. Who better to ask how to keep your skin clear and dewy—mask or no mask!


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Maskne happens when there’s a breakdown in your skin’s barrier—the outer surface of the skin, whose major function is to protect it from environmental aggressors like sun or pollution. When your skin barrier is compromised, it’s susceptible to breakouts.

Here are three ways your mask can
directly or indirectly cause “maskne”
and what to do about it!


THE PROBLEM: Your mask is causing friction against parts of your face.

The places where masks touch your face the most (upper cheeks, chin, nose) can get irritated, and oil (sebum) and bacteria are likely to flourish.

THE SOLUTION: Lighten up your masks.
Shop for light reusable masks that fit your face well. Silk or silky-textured fabrics are ideal, as is soft, 100 percent cotton.

THE PROBLEM: Your mask is not clean.

Fabric can trap flora, creating bacterial imbalances that cause flare-ups.

THE SOLUTION: Rotate and clean masks properly.
Wash masks by hand and let them air-dry. Carry extras so you can change them during long hours in a face covering.

THE PROBLEM: You overdid it on acne products.

When the first signs of breakout occur, many people react by going hard with exfoliating and/or detoxing products. However, overuse of these can strip the skin’s barrier, which sends a signal to your hormones to overproduce more sebum. That makes breakouts even worse.

THE SOLUTION: Use the correct skin-care products to manage and prevent breakouts.

The right products for preventing maskne are protecting, nourishing, effective in removing dirt and oil, support the skin barrier, and are—most importantly—gentle. Aveda’s naturally derived skin-care lines check all those boxes!

Our top three Aveda products
to prevent maskne are:

  • Tulasara Calm Concentrate — a spa-grade daily serum that instantly soothes skin and makes the barrier more resilient using the power of plants. Suitable for sensitive skin.
  • Outer Peace Acne Relief Pads — convenient pre-moistened pads to use periodically under your mask to cleanse, exfoliate, unclog pores and prevent new breakouts.
  • Botanical Kinetics Toning Mist — a cooling, refreshing mist that gently dissolves surface oil and brings balance to the skin.

To shop all Aveda skin-care products from Breeze’s shelves to your door, click here.


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If your skin-care woes go above and beyond DIY solutions, it’s time to call in the professionals! Our Breeze Salon estheticians create customized facial treatments for all skin types and issues. We even have high-frequency machines that remove the bacteria from the “maskne” area. Click here for a consultation and to book a skin-care treatment at our Round Rock, Cedar Park and Georgetown, TX locations.

Slowing the spread of COVID-19 doesn’t have to come at your skin’s expense. With a little know-how, maskne can become a thing of the past. Thank you for “masking up”!