Aveda’s Beloved Sap Moss is Back!

Two bottles of Aveda sap moss shampoo and conditioner at Breeze Salon on a dark background with botanical elements and resin crystals.

When Aveda discontinued its Sap Moss hydrating hair care line in 2008, it broke the hearts of loyal users who feared their hair would never be the same. Two years ago, Aveda posted a teaser on their Instagram account: A photo of the discontinued Sap Moss products with the question, “Were you obsessed with this iconic product line?”

Thousands of commenters responded they missed Sap Moss and begged Aveda to produce it again. “A part of me died when this was discontinued,” one wrote. Another said, “I’ve been searching for an adequate replacement for a decade. Please, bring Sap Moss back!”

Good news: Sap Moss IS back, and Aveda’s announcement practically broke Instagram! The comments flooded in: “Literally the best day ever!” “Tell me I am not dreaming. Is this for real, Aveda?” “The aroma–the earthy scent–I have missed it and so has my hair!” “Honestly I screamed and did a little dance. I have been anxiously awaiting this moment since Sap Moss was discontinued.”

Sap Moss developed a cult following due to its unique formula for weightless hydration. It was inspired by the way trees live during the winter. The key ingredients are Iceland moss, which absorbs twice its weight in water to survive winter droughts; and larch sap, which seals-in moisture to survive long winters.

Not only that, but Sap Moss tames frizz, is safe for color-treated hair, and has a warm, woodsy scent that’s almost as beloved as its hydrating powers.

Sap Moss is for all hair types, but especially for those with dry or curly hair. If you’re one of the many people who have missed Sap Moss all these years–or if you’ve never tried it and wonder what the obsession is about–we’ve got it in all three Breeze Salons locations in Georgetown, Cedar Park and Round Rock. Come in and check it out. Maybe you’ll find yourself joining the Sap Moss fan club, too!