PCA Peels Deliver Results

Facing your own face isn’t always easy. The mirror reveals all sorts of flaws you’d rather not see—wrinkles, acne, discoloration. Regular facials help keep your skin fresh and flaw-free, but sometimes you need a little extra help.

The PCA Peel Difference

For noticeable, long-lasting results, the Breeze Salon & Day Spa esthetics team offers PCA Peels—highly effective and safe exfoliating chemical peels for all skin types, even sensitive. Worried about harsh chemicals? PCA peels provide added nutrients that deliver more dramatic results and soothe your skin for a healthy, post-treatment glow rather than red, irritated skin.

And the PCA Peel is customizable for your skin’s unique needs.

How It Works

Your optimal treatment regimen is determined by a consultation with a Breeze Salon esthetician. Most guests are recommended a peel every 4-6 weeks until they achieve their desired results (usually in 4-6 sessions). Then, we recommend maintenance peels every few months.

The PCA Menu

Learn more about how Breeze Salon & Day Spa prices its PCA services on our menu below:

PCA Chemical Peels (Sensi Peels)

1-2 layers: $135

3-4 layers: $165

5-6 layers: $195

For Neck and Décolleté: $32

PCA Advanced Facial 

60 min: $130

Our PCA Professional Advance Facial is a great choice for guests who want to experience PCA without the peeling. This facial calms, soothes, and strengthens all skin types and conditions. A detoxifier is applied with a gentle facial massage before the corrective phase which begins with custom blended serums for skin nutrients and a youthful glow.

Ready to reveal your glowing, gorgeous skin?  Our Breeze Salon esthetics team can customize a PCA peel and/or facial regimen just for you. Book your first step now!